Proper airflow is good for your health and the buildings. Good air flow helps cut down on headaches and migraines. Buildings benefit from having a vast reduction of condensation. Condensation can lead to rotting and cracking.

No Ventilator or louver is completely soundproof, but they can provide a reduction of differing types of noise from either inside or outside. For example, it is generally the aim for buildings to reduce the noise from outside from traffic, trains, airplanes, or large crowds, but sometimes it is the sound inside created by music or large plant and machinery that is needed to be reduced.

Our range of Acoustic ventilators can be incorporated into all the above by either being through the frame, also known as Trickle Ventilators, glazed onto the double-glazed units also known as Glazed in ventilators or fitted to the top of the window frame also known as Overhead Ventilators. 

Louvers are parallel horizontal blades which, when built properly, allows air and light to pass through to the benefit of residents of the property.

Louvers can be used as a vision barrier to help hide mechanical or valuable equipment. They also help reduce window damage to structural framing. Blades also manage airflow.

Shading architecture maximises the natural light entering a home whilst protecting residents from glare.

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