Acoustic Louvers & Ventilators And Their Benefits

Acoustic Louvers & Ventilators are a very practical way to increase airflow to a room or area whilst providing noise reduction at the same time. This is particularly useful for buildings such as noisy plant rooms that require good air flow as well as for large city buildings so that the level of noise does not increase from traffic.

Used across many different industries, acoustic louvres provide a solution to high levels of noise pollution that may be caused from large industrial equipment, machinery or busy areas of town or city. Providing attenuation, or a reduction in noise, this type of louvres and ventilators are most commonly used close to air conditioning units, plant/ pump rooms and boiler rooms.

Using Acoustic Louvres

The application of acoustic louvres and ventilators is very common in industrial plants or for the service rooms of typically large buildings such as offices or hotels. Designed to minimise the level of noise from noisy rooms, hotels and similar properties use these louvres for increasing air flow to swimming pool plant rooms and other very noisy facilities. This helps to provide all of the facilities a modern hotel or office has such as spas or air conditioning/ heating systems, without compromising on the higher level of noise pollution.

Our acoustic ventilators and louvres can be supplied and installed within the walls of your property as well as access doors to seamlessly blend into the building. They are often used in modern architecture as a way of styling a building with increased bonuses of air flow.

Wembley 03 louvers - continuous

Benefits Of Using Acoustic Ventilators

There are many fundamental benefits of incorporating acoustic ventilators and louvres into your building. Not only do they increase air flow wherever they are installed and reduce noise pollution inside but they are also designed purposefully to protect the interior of the property from the outside elements very effectively.

As noise pollution in the workplace is regulated by law, it’s important to ensure that it is kept at an appropriate level. Our acoustic louvres will ensure that the level of noise in your office or commercial building stays within the legal requirements. If you are situated in a busy city or close to a busy road then acoustic louvres can be a great solution to preventing road noise. Protecting employees from damaged hearing and creating a comfortable work environment, these ventilators are also fantastic at preventing noise from leaving a building also. This may drastically help hotels and other buildings who have neighbours not become a noisy nuisance.

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