Architectural Louvers: How Do They Work

Louvers are used within the design of buildings for multiple reasons. The main purpose of louvers and ventilators is to increase the flow of fresh air through a building without allowing the elements such as rain and snow in.

Louvers have various uses in architecture for both designers of buildings and engineers. Firstly, they are functional for improving the air flow of a building but they are used more often now for their aesthetics. Louvers allow architects to hide unsightly parts of the building or machinery with a decorative & modern look. Often louvers are used to create features on external elevations to give a structure a more contemporary aesthetic.

With larger buildings, architectural louvers are essential to enhancing the flow of fresh air into a structure whilst avoiding the use of windows. As windows can pose their own issues the higher a building is, louvers are often favoured as an easy way to breathe fresh oxygen whilst maintaining a low level of noise pollution from the outside world.

Why Louvers Are Used In Large Building Design

Creating efficient airflow in a building can be a costly expense with the use of ventilation systems such as air conditioning which is why louvers are a cost effective way of creating the efficient flow of fresh oxygen. As less power is required by HVAC systems, large structures become much more energy efficient with the use of architectural ventilation.

Buildings and their designers use louvers in very different ways from the ventilation mentioned above to creating a facade to hide noisy or distracting machinery and other working components of a building. Due to their great noise reduction design, architectural louvers are great for designing into maintenance and plant rooms of industrial and commercial buildings to both hide the machinery but also prevent elevated levels of noise pollution.

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Different types Of Architectural Louvers

Rain Defence Louvers

These louvers are designed specifically to allow air to pass through seamlessly whilst preventing rain and other elements to reach the room beyond. Providing protection from the elements and simultaneously improving airflow makes these louvers a popular choice in commercial building architecture.

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Screening Louvers

This type of louver is typically used to create facades in front of unsightly objects. Often when rain water and the elements aren’t an issue, screening louvers do exactly that, providing a screen from passers by admiring the building.

Acoustic Louvers

Designed specifically to improve the reduction of noise entering your property, acoustic louvers can be used for both building plant rooms and any other loud machinery that may be in operation. Using louvers on these buildings allows for vital oxygen intake or fume exhaust for the machinery whilst minimising the amount of noise heard outside.

Acoustic louvers are also great for utilising in more built-up areas as they will dampen the amount of sound heard from road noise and busy cities within your office.

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Aesthetic Louvers

Favouring appearance over noise reduction or weather defences, these louvers are good at increasing airflow but also for decorating large areas of a building. Also typically ranging in colour, texture and shapes, these louvers can enhance the shadows and lines of a large scale building.

All of the different styles of louver mentioned above will increase the flow of fresh air into your property whilst adding an element of design to your structure. Depending on the location, size and style of your building, there will be an architectural louver that will work seamlessly in any modern design.

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