How Louvers Work And Why They’re Important

Louvers are specially designed ventilation products that allow air to pass through them whilst simultaneously preventing unwanted elements from entering a building. This can include water, debris and dirt. Traditionally, a louver is a series of fixed or operable blades that are mounted within a frame, configured to allow air to pass through freely.

Louvers can be found on many large commercial buildings and apartment complexes as they are a low tech way of increasing the influx of fresh air into a property without opening windows or letting unwanted elements in.

When investing in louvers for your property it’s important to understand how they work and how they can benefit your property and business as a result.

How Do Louvers Work?

Louvers are a low tech way of introducing free flowing air into your building without the need for ventilation systems. Ventilation systems are not only expensive to purchase but are also expensive to run and maintain. This is why louvers are beneficial in keeping long term ventilation costs down.

Louvers are set to a gradient in which air is able to flow into the building whilst water and other objects aren’t able.

Why Are Louvers Important?

There are many benefits to having louvers installed on your properties. Firstly, everything from general health to productivity is increased when the percentage of clean air is higher. This bodes well if you have properties in busy cities for example as opening the windows is often not possible. Having louvers means that clean air can circulate around your building without the use of any high tech systems or allowing pollutants in from noisy city streets. 

As well as being highly productive ways of increasing inside airflow, louvers are also often used to add to the architectural design of a building. Especially in modern properties, louvers can create panels of division between windows, breaking up lines within the architecture. This is why architects use louvers where they can to not only create bespoke design elements of buildings but serve a very functional purpose.

This is shown very effectively in some of our previous case studies:

HSQ High Street Quarter Hounslow

This project consisted of installing Glazed in Hi Flow louvers with toggled edge treatment and insulated panels to the building. As you can see it perfectly demonstrates how louvers can change the overall aesthetics of a property, whilst improving the general condition of the air inside.

Premier Inn Southgate

For this project we were asked to incorporate our Glazed in Louvers and Continuous Louver Screens into the design of the building and as you can see this completely transforms the exterior look of the building!

Often our louvers are used within the design of a building to seamlessly hide unsightly objects such as mechanical or valuable equipment. This type of architectural louver was used during this project to hide the door of the maintenance plant room.

Contact Us About Louvers & How They can Help Your Property

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