Powder Coating Quality and Performance

It is very easy to specify or place an order for 7016 Matt but when you ask for this for example are you fully aware of what you have asked for?

Glazed in louvers or glazed in acoustic ventilators for example by definition are glazed into a Window or Door or Curtain Walling which would have also been powder coated again in 7016 Matt.

On some colours there is a slight difference on the delta scale between the architectural powder established brands such as Akzo Nobel or Syntha Pulvin so stating the brand used for the façade would reduce the potential of any visual difference between products specified with just a colour reference.

It is also vitally important that the powder stays on the product and provides the required length of time for colour harmony protection against UV Rays or salt water or air pollution. One way of providing this is to have your product powder coated by an established and recognised architectural powder coating company like LBL Finishers who powder coat to the new BS EN 12260-1 2021 Standards.

These standards dictate the Levels of the 7 stages of pre treatment:

  • As poor or indeed no pre-treatment of the bars will affect the adhesion of the powder to the profiles and thus the guaranteed life.
    • Some applicators only offer 1 year as profiles that have had no pre-treatment or that have not been pre treated correctly and the coating will fall off the profiles.
  • The oven temperatures and curing times and processes
    • Again profiles that have been powder coated but not cured for the sufficient time and at the required temperature may also fall off the profiles
  • Required approach and actions needed to accommodate Salt in Marine environments or air pollution from Aircrafts or carbon dioxide emissions when burning fossil fuels from factory chimneys
    • This is needed for projects in locations near tidal water or aircraft flight paths or such factories.
  • The requirements to produce and store batch samples and test for Adhesion, Gloss and Environmental performance.
    • These samples can be checked and as such can be the basis to offer longer term guarantees for the end clients.
Manor Depot vent

It is also important to understand the Class of Powder that you are required or indeed that you wish to specify. Architectural powders in the UK are polyester based and can meet the flame spread level A2-s1, d0 but some epoxy based powders will offer no UV guarantee. The Different class of powders are based upon the Florida scale as Florida was chosen because it has the right number of hours of Sunlight mixed with the right level of UV exposure.

When applied correctly to the above standards offers a 1-year performance on colour stability (so it looks the same after 1 year as it did on day 1).

Again under the same conditions as Class 1 will offer between 3 and 5 years performance on colour stability.

Again under the same conditions as Class1 will offer up to a 10-year performance.

Now for projects in the UK, we do not have the same exposure of UV rays and the length of the sunshine in a day as Florida so these times can be extended with the normal guarantee periods being 25 years ( subject to the correct washing and maintenance procedures being implemented ) or indeed up to 40 years in some cases.

So after reading these thoughts please take a more in-depth look at what you are ordering or specifying as what you get in reality is sometimes not what you wanted or thought that you were getting.

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