Welcome to AW Louvers & Ventilation Ltd the sole Manufacturer and distributor of the Decalu, which are part of the Deceuninck group of Companies, range of Louvers and Acoustic Ventilators within Great Britain


Our ventilation products use natural air to assist in the removal of polluted air within your living or working environment created by cooking, heating, and smoking for example whilst having the ability to reduce the external sound as to provide the occupant with a healthier surrounding.

The air flow through ventilation louvers can be safely measured by multiplying the louver free area by design. The results are volume of air for louver. For example, 7.2 square feet X 893 fpm equates to 6424 cfm.

Proper airflow is good for your health and the buildings. Good air flow helps cut down on headaches and migraines. Buildings benefit from having a vast reduction of condensation. Condensation can lead to rotting and cracking.

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