The Benefits Of Clean Air On Health & Productivity

Just like many environments, the workplace can be somewhere susceptible to pollutants and without proper ventilation, the air could negatively affect your health. This probably won’t be enough to be significantly noticeable straight away but over time may cause problems. 

This can also vary drastically depending on the workspace. If you work with various chemicals or in factory environments, it may be that more pollutants are present. Clean air is fundamental to a healthy and productive work environment and we’re going to explain why.

Why Clean Air Is Important In The Workplace

Despite there being no clear standards on air quality in the workplace, it is becoming an ever increasing topic of discussion from the World Health Organisation (WHO) creating guidelines to employers & building owners becoming more conscious of air quality.

Studies have shown a normal office vs. a well ventilated office had a significantly lower output. In fact the well ventilated office with a reduced amount of air pollutants performed cognitive tasks 61% better when compared to the standard office. The differences were so vast that when ventilation was doubled, employees actually had improved cognitive performance of more than 100%!

This is a clear representation of why clean air can benefit more than just our physical health but our productivity too.

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The Negative Effects Of Polluted Air

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely any workplace will remove all pollutants but without a significant amount removed you may start to see the opposite effects of the study mentioned above.

Typically, offices and other workplaces keep windows shut for various reasons. This restricts the flow of oxygen drastically which means that fresh circulation almost stops. When the level of C02 rises in a space, people  can find themselves becoming more lethargic and tired.

A 2014 study showed that when the amount of PM2.5 particulates increased by just 10 micrograms, the productivity of pear pickers dropped by a whopping $0.41 per hour. This is a drastic drop in productivity over the course of the day when multiplied by the amount of staff you have, without even mentioning the negative effects on health.

Why Clean Air In Your Workplace Is An Easy And Obvious Decision

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Clean air isn’t just imperative to our health but it also holds many other significant benefits you may not be aware of. When weighing up the information above it becomes obvious why efficient ventilation systems in your workplace are imperative to your employees health and your company’s productivity.

A small investment now could really help your business thrive long term. By having less members of staff off sick, to improving the overall level of productivity, proper ventilation is an effective tool in the modern workplace.

Ventilating Your Workspace With Ease

As experts in ventilation, our products use natural flow to assist in the removal of polluted air. These products can be seamlessly added to your premises to start improving air quality straight away. Our products also help to improve sound pollution from the outside environment such as traffic noise.

Our case studies really display how our products integrate into a building and can often become elements that contribute to its design. View our range of products or call us to enquire.

For Clean Air Solutions In Your Workplace, Contact Our Expert Team

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