How To Care For And Maintain Your Louvers

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If you’ve just installed louvers onto your property, you might be wondering how to care for them. With an estimated life span of over 20 years, you could see your new set of high-quality louvers lasting for decades by following these simple steps.

What Are Louvers?

Louvers are panels placed like windows with adjustable slats used to regulate airflow and light. You’ll find these panels constructed with a variety of materials, some of these being timber, plastic and aluminium.

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The louver adds a fantastic level of functionality and control to the ventilation of your home. The adjustable nature of its mechanisms provides the user with a chance to decide how much air and light they want in their property.

The Process Of Louver Care

One of the best features of owning a louver system is how easy the maintenance is. They’re resilient, last  for over 20 years and the care required to achieve that is minimal.

Here’s a list of steps to care for your louvers. These can be carried out at your own leisure, but we recommend every six months as an appropriate schedule.


    1. Take a soft brush, wet sponge or air compressor to remove any obvious or large amounts of debris.
    2. Once any chunks of dirt have been removed, apply a mild detergent. It’s important to avoid harsh, acidic chemicals.
    3. Thoroughly wash away detergent and grime.
    4. Remove any blockages to ventilation or drainage systems.
    5. Using fresh water, do a final washdown to ensure your louvers are thoroughly cleaned.

    If you carry out this easy cleaning routine twice a year, you’re sure to have long-lasting and great-looking louvers for decades to come.

    Special Considerations

    It’s worth mentioning that your maintenance and care schedule can be affected by climate and location. For instance, if you live by the sea, then salt deposits are a concern. At AW Louvers & Ventilation we recommend increasing your cleaning schedule to four times a year to prevent rust and corrosion from the harsh sea air.

    Additionally, if you’ve got stubborn grime or stains, then it’s acceptable to use white spirit to wash and remove it. Generally, solvents and harsh chemicals should always be avoided. However, every so often small amounts should not be too harmful.

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