Why Aluminium Is The Future Of Fabrication

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Aluminium is a great material for many reasons. It’s lightweight, sturdy and sustainable. At AW Louvers, we use 80% recycled aluminium to create our decorative cladding. Let’s discover more about what makes this material so great.

The Sustainable Option

Did you know that aluminium is the number one most recyclable industrial material? It can actually be recycled indefinitely. This means that when it breaks, it can be reformed again from the exact same material. We use products made from this material nearly every day. Whether it be a drinks can, a building or a car, it’s an extremely versatile material that offers value to many applications.

Blocks of aluminium ready to be recycled

Flexibility, Versatility & Creativity

Aluminium is incredibly lightweight, yet also very durable. This makes it useful for the construction and even aerospace sectors. Because it can be bent in nearly any way you can imagine, it’s a great material for creative architecture. Architects love using it for this reason, as well as its excellent thermal properties.

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Durable And Long-Lasting

Because aluminium is resistant to corrosion, it’s likely to last a lot longer than other metals. Oxide naturally occurs on its surface. This provides a layer of protection without needing to treat the material. This is a win-win for both durability and sustainability, as it doesn’t need to be processed to preserve the finish.

Why Aluminium Is Great For Fabrication

As a durable, flexible material, aluminium is a great choice for many types of manufacturing. This includes products like window frames, which are required to be made from very thin sheets of metal. Its excellent thermal properties also mean that windows and doors will make buildings more environmentally friendly.

For Louvers, Ventilation & Aluminium Cladding Fabrications, Call AW Louvers

We are experts in aluminium fabrication. Our team create high quality ventilation systems, vents, louvers, windows, wall grilles and more. You can trust our years of experience to provide you with the best ventilation solutions for your needs.


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