Use Acoustic Ventilation To Reduce Noise Pollution

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If you have a building that is affected by noise from traffic, machinery, music or anything else, acoustic ventilation might be the perfect solution. Let’s take a look at how it works.

What Is Ventilation?

The purpose of ventilation is to introduce a comfortable amount of fresh air into a property without also bringing in damp or unpleasant temperature changes. Good ventilation will improve the air quality inside a building and should reduce the likelihood of mould and condensation.

What Is Acoustic Ventilation?

As we build more properties and commercial spaces in busy, industrial areas, noise pollution is becoming more of an issue. To solve this problem, some ventilation systems began to be created with noise reduction in mind. This means that buildings can benefit from fresh air and less disruption, all in one handy product.

How Does Acoustic Ventilation Work?

Because ventilation is designed to let fresh air in, it means there is an open passageway from inside to outside. Some materials will also allow sound to travel through this passage. However, other materials can ensure that the least amount of sound possible gets inside the building. It won’t eliminate noise completely, but a significant reduction can be achieved.

Imagine an empty room. Empty rooms tend to echo, because there is nothing in there to absorb the sounds. Even a small scuff or scrape could sound pretty noisy. Now, imagine a furnished room. It’s much less likely to echo. Small noises could go unheard. This is how acoustic ventilation works. Inside the vent, materials are placed strategically to absorb the sounds that pass through. This reduces any noises without interrupting the flow of fresh air.

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Acoustic ventilation reduces sound in more, more complex ways, but this is the easiest one to explain. To understand more, you’d need to have in-depth knowledge about sound and all its properties. You can leave this part to the experts at AW Louvers!

For Acoustic Ventilation, Choose AW Louvers

If you need to reduce the sound in your property, whether it be from inside the walls or out, give us a call. Our experts can advise you on the best products for your requirements to achieve the outcome you need.


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