The Importance Of Proper Ventilation


Ventilation is not only key to a healthy home, but a healthy body too. It’s easy to focus on the benefits that proper aeration can bring to your property, but it’s just as vital to consider the air you breathe as well.

To help highlight all the benefits that ventilation can bring and how important it is, we’ve crafted this useful guide.

What Does Ventilation Do?

Ventilation circulates air around and through your home. It prevents moisture build up and removes condensation with an exhaust system that slowly releases excess humidity throughout the day.

As a result, there is never stagnant air in your home, meaning you can breathe easily and clearly in any room of your property.

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Improving Air Quality

Not only can ventilation help prevent stagnation and dampness within your home, but it also stops mould from forming. Damp and mould are particularly important considerations because the spores they release can cause great harm not just to your lungs, but to the building as well.

Dry rot is a specific form of mould that can appear in a non-ventilated home. It will degrade timber whilst releasing harmful air pollutants and spores. Not only this, but it will also become more and more harmful the longer it is left to spread.

Fortunately our systems will filter harmful pollutants from the air, including mould spores. The technology behind our venting systems at AW Louvers & Ventilation specialises in not only removing damp and mould pollutants from inside your home, but by filtering them upon entry too.

Acoustic Ventilation For Your Home

AW Louvers & Ventilation offers a wide array of acoustic ventilation options, all manufactured under ISO 9001 to guarantee quality. This form of aeration is a fantastic way to filter and circulate clean air throughout your home.

A great reason to use this technology is the noise reduction. Often, traditional ventilation systems can either create noise or allow external sounds into the home. The external cowl of an acoustic system acts as a barrier not only for extreme weather, but also filters soundwaves along with the air you breathe to create a healthy, quiet interior environment.

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Contact AW Louvers & Ventilation For More Information

We specialize in clean air for your home. Our expert staff and high-quality range of ventilation products ensure that any system you choose to install will provide a whole host of health and preventative benefits.

If you’re interested in ventilating your property, then get in touch today to discuss further.


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