The Benefits Of Solar Shading

Solar Shading

Solar shading is a fantastic way of controlling light and heat within a building, whilst providing an aesthetic improvement to the exterior.

You’ll often find these products installed on large office buildings and properties with long walls of glass paneling. Let’s explore all the features that solar shading can provide in more detail, to help highlight the many benefits.

Glare Reduction With Quality Solar Shading

A quality that solar shading can offer is the ability to refract sun rays without sacrificing natural light. The nature of this style means the slats can be intuitive and adjustable to misdirect all sunlight that hits them.

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As a result, where a traditional blind or curtain would simply block out the sun, shading merely reflects it in another direction, eliminating glare whilst still soaking your property with warmth and sunshine.

Reducing Your Energy Bills With Solar Shading

Solar radiation not only lights up our planet, it warms it too. Unfortunately, with large windows and panelling, that warmth can become a little stifling. This is where solar shading shines through. By mitigating direct light, it spreads the warmth over a larger surface area. Usually, you’d have to lose that warmth to remove the inconvenience of glare. However, with our shading systems you’re achieving the best of both worlds.

The more your building is heated by the sun, the less you spend on bills from internal heating. As a result, this style of shading can not only bathe your rooms with sunlight and save you money, but it can also reduce the glare that accompanies it too.

Making The Most Of Light In Your Home

The UK has finite amounts of sunny weather. Every British resident understands how important it is to make the most of the sun whilst it’s around, because soon it will be raining again!

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Unfortunately, direct light can sometimes be too much, especially at certain times of the day. With this in mind, solar shading provides a fantastic compromise. This system can keep your blinds open all day long, no matter the sun’s position. By simply setting your slats to refract the light at your will, you’ll be immersed in warm sunshine whenever it decides to appear, without having to sacrifice it in order to avoid glare or overheating.

Choose AW Louvers & Ventilation For A Wide Range Of Solar Shading Products

Check out our huge range of high-quality, British Standard products to choose the right solar shading for your property. Whether you’ve got a large commercial building, an office or a panoramic set of wall-to-wall windows in your home, our expert team can advise and install the perfect system for your needs.


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